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A Process App is a collection of data, rules, and tasks performed to achieve business requirements. Process Apps are used to automate the business process. Automation of business processes is based on workflow rules where human tasks, data, or files are routed between users or systems depending on business rules. It has a series of sequential tasks carried out based on the user-defined rules or conditions to execute a business process.

In entry or mid-level enterprises, tasks are managed with paper files, spreadsheets, or emails. Often, this involves a repetitive series of tasks to implement. Process Apps help businesses to get a better understanding of the current business workflow and to identify repetitive tasks. With Process Apps, you can streamline the business processes and eliminate the risk of human error. 

You can configure or build only one process flow in a Process App. For example, a Recruitment Process App can perform actions only related to the recruitment process. A Loan Process App can perform actions only related to the bank loan process.