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Merge logic helps you merge individual process flows into a common flow by defining business logic like waiting for all or completing any flow. Merge is applicable only if Execute all Branches is selected in the Split stencil depending on the use case. If Execute on Condition is selected, it is not required to merge the branches as it follows only a single path/branch.

For example, let us consider a loan request. A customer has requested a loan and you require the customer’s income documents, proof documents, and other documents to process the loan request. In a bank, income documents are collected by a team and proof documents are collected by another team. In this scenario, while building the process flow for this request, you must use the Split stencil to split the documents requirement task into multiple branches depending on the documents required. Here, income documents to be collected are assigned to the income team (branch 1) and proof documents (branch 2) to be collected are assigned to the proof team. Ensure that while configuring the Split stencil, Execute all Branches is selected to perform the merge action. After the execution of all branches and completion of tasks, you can merge branches.

Configure Merge Logic

To configure a Merge logic in the process flow, follow the below steps:

  1. On the left pane, you can find the Logic section. Drag and drop the Merge stencil from this section and place it below the respective flows on the builder.
  2. Click the Merge stencil to open the Merge window.
  3. On the Merge window, enter the following details:
    1. Name  – Enter a name for the merge action.
    2. Split Node to Merge From – The system automatically takes the most recent parent split node. However, the user can select the node from the Split node to merge from the drop-down list.
  4. Under the Merge Logic section, select any of the below actions:
    1. Wait for All – If selected, the system performs the merge action after the execution of all contributing branches.
    2. First Input – If selected, the system performs the merge action after the execution of any one of the branches and all other branches will expire.
  5. Close the Merge window.

To perform the merge action, ensure to select Execute all Branches option while configuring the Split stencil.

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