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GoTo logic helps you to conditionally switch the flow to a different step in the process flow. For example, let us consider a loan request. While building the process flow, you can set up different levels of approval (level 1, level 2, so on), so that the loan request passes through these levels and reaches the loan processing node. In certain cases, after the level 1 approval, depending on the Approval Manager’s decision, you can directly send the loan request to the loan processing node with the help of GoTo stencil. GoTo stencil allows you to switch from one stage to any other stage in the process flow.

Configure GoTo Logic

To configure a GoTo logic in the process flow, follow the below steps:

  1. On the left pane, you can find the Logic section. Drag and drop the GoTo stencil from this section to the builder.
  2. Click the GoTo stencil to open the GoTo window.
  3. On the GoTo window, enter the following details:
    1. Name  – Enter a name for the GoTo action.
    2. Condition – Select any of the below conditions:
      1. Execute without Conditions – If selected, the system will jump to the node that you select from the drop-down list in this section. 
      2. Execute on Conditions – If selected, the system will jump to the node based on the condition defined. You can define a condition in the Define Condition section based on Process Fields, Context, and Process Context. For example, let us select Process Fields
        1. Select an option (less than) from the respective drop-down list. In the Value field, enter a value ($1000).
        2. From the Then Go To drop-down list, select a node (Loan Processing).
        3. In the Add Else-If section, select a node (Further Approval Required) from the Else Go To Branch drop-down list.
  4. Close the Go To window.

The GoTo node will execute only five times. After that, it will not go to the same step again.

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