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How to Define a Flow for a Process App?

To use the Process App, you must design a process with the flow. The process builder acts as a designer that helps you to define the process flows. The following are the basic components of the process builder:

  • Triggers – Triggers are specific events that help start the process apps based on conditions defined. 
  • Logic – Logic refers to the method that deals with rules and processes used in reasoning. A Logic in a Process App is used to direct the workflow to different branches with or without conditions in the workflow.
  • Tasks –  Tasks are key components of workflows. It allows workflows to interact with users using human tasks or modify the data in the workflow using system tasks to provide an outcome for a business process.
  • Events – Events help you to notify the user of actions performed in the business process.
  • Settings – It helps you configure the Process App-related settings like channel configuration, bot permissions, and so on.