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Bots Platform v5.0

This is the release information for the Bots Platform v5.0 released on Sep 13, 2017.

  • Debugging and Error Handling Enhancements – Enhancement to bot debug capability with detailed logging of all back-end (NLP & platform) and user actions for dialog tasks, action tasks and bot level functions like standard responses, hold and resume etc.
  • Improved Formatting – Platform capability to request for List of values (Entity) and confirmation using channel specific display templates.
  • Developer Cheat Commands – Developer commands (‘cheat developer on’ and ‘cheat developer off’) can be used to talk to the bot from any channel with a persona of the bot developer.
  • Session Usage stats in Bot Admin Dashboard – Information about session usage is now displayed in Admin Console Dashboard
  • Dialog Tasks – Option to delete upgrades of a Dialog Task is added.
  • Confirmation Node – Transition options for a confirmation node now includes new option No. Bot can transition based on a negative (“No”) response from the user.
  • Entities – List of Values – Support for exact matches.
  • Botkit SDK – Enhancement to Botkit SDK to support integration with external NLP engines.
  • Reports – Reports generated as bot responses can be downloaded as PDF files.
  • Yammer – Yammer channel is added.
  • End users can have parallel conversations with multiple bots built on Kore.ai Bots Platform.
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