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Creating a Universal Bot

Creating a Universal Bot involves the following major steps:

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  1. Start creating the bot in the Bot Builder platform: Open the Bot Builder and start creating the universal bot by entering basic bot details such as its name, default language, and the target audience for the bot.
  2. Add linked bots to the universal bot: After you create a universal bot, link one or more existing bots to it. Since a universal bot comprises of other bots, you must have already created at least one other standard bot.
  3. Configure the channels for the bot: The universal bot requires separate channel configurations from its underlying bots, so the channels must be set up or enabled independently. You can set up channels for the universal bot regardless of the linked bot channels and the published tasks in the linked bots execute from the universal bot channels.
  4. Test and Train the bot: Since the universal bot links together many standard bots, the natural language processing settings may have to be optimized for several user utterances to accurately recognize the relevant bot and intent. You can test and train the universal bot like a standard bot with subtle differences. When you train the task it happens at the linked bot level.
  5. Publish the bot: After you have defined and saved a new configuration for a Universal Bot, it becomes visible on the Bot Builder home page with its status as Linked. It is not available to users other than the developers on the bot until it is published and approved by the Bots Admin.


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