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Role Management

Roles and Permissions help in organizing the developer community based on the scope of their work. These roles include:

  • Admin Roles which help in account management, and
  • Bot Roles which help in the bot development.

In this document, we talk about Admin roles, the permissions associated with them, how to create and assign these admin roles to users. Refer here for Bot roles.

Admin Roles

An admin role is a set of pre-defined permissions for managing the user community.

Built-in Admin Role

By default, a Master Admin role is created and this role can be assigned to any user for admin access. The various permissions granted to the Master Admin role are listed below:

Permission Master Admin
Invite Yes
Import Users / Sync Yes
Directory Sync Edit
Manage Users Edit
Manage User Settings Edit
Manage Groups Edit
Manage Custom Admin Roles Yes
Manage Built-In Admin Roles Yes
Manage Bot Roles Yes
Manage Deployment Yes
Enterprise Bots Yes
Consumer Bots Yes
Smart Bots Yes
Preferences Yes
Single Sign On Yes
Kore.ai Connector Yes
Enterprise Key Yes
API Scopes Yes
View and Run Audit Reports Yes
View and Run Bot Chat History Yes


Note: The creator of the account is assigned the role of Primary Master Admin. This role cannot be removed and cannot be assigned to any other users. It is visible only from the profile tab of the Primary Master Admin.

Custom Admin Role

The Master Admin can create custom Admin roles and assign the same to users. The following permissions can be granted to an Admin role.

Permission Access Levels Description
Invite Yes, No Invite Users via email; Invite users already imported
Import Users / Sync Yes, No Bulk Import users via files
Directory Sync Yes, No Enroll users via Directory Sync
Manage Users Yes, No Manage user profile, user status, and role assignments
Manage Groups Yes, No Create a local group; manage user membership, view distribution lists (DLs)
Manage Custom Admin Roles Yes, No Set up and manage Custom Admin Roles. Assign/Revoke users
Manage Built-In Admin Roles Yes, No Assign users to / revoke users from built-in admin roles
Manage Bot Roles Yes, No Set up and manage bot roles. assign/revoke users
Manage Deployment Yes, No Approve & publish bot (tasks) deployment requests
Enterprise Bots Yes, No Assign approved Enterprise bot tasks to managed users
Consumer Bots Yes, No Manage consumer bots, tasks, and channels
Smart Bots Yes, No Manage smart bots, tasks, and channels
Preferences Yes, No Manage auto deployments and assignments
Single Sign On Yes, No Configure and manage Single Sign On
Kore.ai Connector Yes, No Initiate, enable & disable Kore.ai connector
Enterprise Key Yes, No View key used for encrypting enterprise data
API Scopes Yes, No Setup API scopes to manage all users, roles, and bots in your account
View and Run Audit Reports Yes, No Access Audit Reports; Ability to run reports; filter criteria, etc
View and Run Bot Chat History Yes, No View chat history from all bots of your account


Creating an Admin role

  1. Open the Bots Admin Console.
  2. On the Admin menu, select User Management > Role Management.
  3. On the top right corner of the Role Management window, click New Role.
  4. Enter Role Name and Role Description.
  5. Under Select Role Type, select Admin Role and select the necessary permissions for the role.
  6. You can retain the default permission settings or modify them as per your requirements.
  7. Click Save.

Once created, you can assign roles to individual users or to user groups. You can edit the roles from the Bot Admin Console.

Assigning Admin role

  1. Open the Bots Admin Console.
  2. On the Admin menu, select User Management > Users.
  3. Click a user’s record for which you want to add a bot role. The user’s profile slides open.
  4. Under the Profile tab, edit Admin Role.
    1. Select the appropriate Admin role from the dropdown with the available roles.
    2. You can assign multiple admin roles to the selected user.

Assigning Admin Role to a User Group

  1. Open the Bots Admin Console.
  2. On the Admin menu, select User Management > Role Management.
  3. Hover over a role record from the list and then click the Edit icon. The Manage Role window slides open.
  4. Click the Assignments > Assign Role.
  5. Open the Select Groups drop-down list and select all the groups for which you want to assign the bot role, one after another.
  6. Click Save.


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