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Bot Settings

After you create a bot using Bot Builder, you may need to change or define advanced and optional settings, for example, to update or add a bot icon, or description. This topic describes how to edit an existing bot.

Modifying Your Bot Settings

Follow these steps to open the bot’s Settings page:

  1. Open the bot whose settings you want to change.
  2. Hover over the side navigation panel and click Settings. The General Settings page opens.

The Settings page has the following sections depending on whether it’s a Standard or Universal bot.

  • General Settings: Define or modify the Bot Name, Description, Icon, Color, and Purpose of Use. For more information, see General Bot Settings.
  • Language Management: Manage bot languages and language detection capabilities. For more information, see Enabling an additional bot language.
  • Authorization Profiles: Define one or more authorization profiles for your Bot to access your third-party web service as basic auth, oAuth v1, oAuth v2, or an API Key. For more information, see Bot Authorization.
  • Invite Developer: In an enterprise, you can share your Bot for co-development to other developers. For more information, see Sharing Bots for Development.
  • Bot Variables: Add variables that can be used when defining tasks and configurations. These are very useful when importing bot definitions between bots. For more information, see Using Bot Variables.
  • Export Bot: Export bot tasks and configurations as a JSON file that can be imported into another bot. For more information, see Exporting and Importing Bots.
  • Import Bot: Overwrite bot tasks and configurations by importing a valid JSON file. For more information, see Exporting and Importing Bots.
  • IVR Settings: Enable and define IVR channel settings for the bot. For more information, see IVR Integration.
  • Advanced Settings: Define optional advanced settings for your Bot to include enable for Hold & ResumeBot Setup Confirmation Message, Bot Tenancy, Show Link for Task Setup/Execution, and customizing Bot Error Messages. For more information, see Advanced Bot Settings.
  • Custom Library: Modify additional advanced settings like subdomains, bot contact card, and Kore.ai identity requirements.
  • Change Logs: View a list of system events related to your Bot by a user, event, and timestamp. For more information, see Viewing the Bot Change Log.
  • Delete Bot: Click to delete the Bot. Only unpublished and suspended bots can be deleted. If the bot has any published tasks, it cannot be deleted. For more information, see Deleting a Bot.

Next Steps

For Standard Bots, after you modify your bot, you are ready to add a task or flow. For more information, see Defining Bot Tasks.

For Universal Bots, after you modify your bot, you are ready to link other bots to your Universal Bot. For more information, see Defining a Universal Bot.


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