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Multi-Intent Detection

You can allow the NLP engine to detect and execute multiple intents identified in a single user utterance. This setting is disabled by default and can be enabled.

Once enabled, the NLP engine identifies the multiple intents in a user utterance based upon the presence of keywords like:

  • later,
  • following that
  • second
  • then
  • before that
  • first
  • beforehand
  • prior to that

The sequence in which these intents are to be executed will be based on the standard phrases like ‘before that‘, ‘after that‘, ‘and then‘, etc. in the user utterance. If no order is specified or identified by the NLP engine, then the intents are executed in the order they are present in the original utterance.

Following are the steps to do the enable multi-intent detection:

  1. Open the bot for which you want to add multiple intents.
  2. Hover over the side navigation panel and then click Natural Language -> Intelligence.
  3. Click the Multi Intent Detection tab.
  4. Enable the same.
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