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Bot Intelligence

Bot Intelligence can drastically be improved through the following settings:

  • Handling of interruptions and context switching – Natural conversations often tend to go beyond linear intent resolution paths defined in the bots. Kore.ai enables developers to handle such interruptions in intent flows by providing a whole range of options to define the task-switching experience. The Hold and Resume options, as the options are referred to, can be set up at the bot, task, and node levels to ensure the configurations are layered to suit your various business requirements. more…
  • Ignoring some words from user utterance –  When words and phrases in user input that are not helpful in task interpretation are marked, then Bots can respond faster to user input and improve the probability of correct task recognition.  more…
  • Allowing users to modify entity values – Very often users would want to amend the entity values, Bot developer needs to respond to such situations and also able to control the post-amendment dialog behavior., more
  • Enabling the detection of multiple intents – Ability of the NLP engine can be enhanced to detect and execute multiple intents identified in a single user utterance. more…


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