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Default Dialog

From Natural Language -> Default Conversation, the Default Dialog section, allows you to define a default dialog task to run if the Natural Language Processor for Kore.ai cannot determine the user intent. For example, you can switch the conversation from the bot to a live agent, or run a generic dialog such as the main menu if the user intent could not be determined in the bot conversation.

If a default dialog task is not defined, standard error messages and any customizations defined in the Standard Responses section are used.

The following illustration is an example of the Default Dialog section in Bot Builder configured to run the Find a Flight dialog task when the user intent cannot be determined in My Sample Flight Search bot.

To define a default dialog

To complete the following procedure, you must have already defined a dialog to select as the default dialog.

  1. On the Natural Language tab, expand the Default Dialog section, and then in the If user’s intent is not understood section, select Automatically run a dialog task.
  2. In the Default Dialog Task field displayed, select a default dialog, and then click Save.

The Settings successfully saved message is displayed.

Next Steps

You can also use standard responses if the user intent cannot be determined, and if desired, customize the existing standard responses or add new custom responses. For more information, see Managing Standard Responses.

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