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Conversation History API

Fetches the conversational messages between the bot and user in reverse chronological order. This API supports pagination. You can provide offset/skip and limit to get a certain number of messages at a time.

Note: This API is currently accessible only if BotKit SDK or Agent Transfer is enabled for a bot

Get /api/botsdk/stream/{{stream_id}}/getMessages?userId={{user_id}}&skip={{nu mberOfMessagesToBeSkipped}}&limit={{numberOfMessagesTobeFetched}}


Parameter Description
stream_id Bot ID. You can access it from the bot’s General Settings page.
user_id The ID of the user whose conversation history to access.
skip The number of messages to be skipped.
limit The number of messages to be shown on each page.
channelType For retrieving conversation history through other channels, the “channelType” should be passed as the query parameter. This is a mandatory field and would take the default value as ‘rtm’ if not provided.


Invoke the API with JWT in the header with the following syntax:

auth: {{JWT}}

Response content type


Sample Request

curl -X GET \ 'https://bots.kore.ai/api/botsdk/stream/{{stream_id}}/getMessages?userId= u-XXX-XXX' \


Sample Response

                  "text":"Thanks! I now have access to your Kore Assistant account. Don’t worry, I never access your account without you asking me to do something for you."

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