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Using an External NLP Engine

While Kore.ai has a state-of-the-art natural language processing engine, you may still want to plugin a third-party or proprietary NLP engine for your enterprise users. Using the Kore.ai BotKit SDK, you can add and configure Kore.ai bots to run using your choice of NLP engine external to the Bots Platform if desired.

You can easily download and modify the Kore.ai BotKit SDK with the exampleWihtExternalNLPEngine.js sample from Github. This BotKit SDK sample application can be modified to support NLP engines based on Api.ai or Luis.ai.


To configure your external NLP engine to work with Kore.ai bots, you will need to:

  • Define your bot in Bot Builder with a dialog task
  • If using Api.ai, then complete recognition training and update the keys in our sample code.
  • If using Luis.ai, then define the intent and entities for entity extraction, train and update the keys in our sample code.
  • Install and run a node.js server with app.js file for the BotKit SDK pointing to exampleWithExternalNLPEngine.js
  • In Bot Builder, define the SDK Configuration section for your bot to point to the application server with the BotKit SDK running used to intercept user and bot messages for NLP processing.


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