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Adding a Dropbox Bot

Kore.ai provides integration for a built-in Dropbox Bot that you can use to display message notifications and execute tasks directly from your messaging channel such as Kore.ai Messenger. To use the Dropbox Bot, you just need to add the Bot to your messaging channel, and then configure the settings for the Bot, such as authentication to access Dropbox, and the notification messages that you want. For more information about other Kore.ai Bots, see Adding Bots.

About the Kore.ai Bot for Dropbox

DIYDropboxLogoDropbox is a file hosting service that keeps your files safe, synced, and easy to share. Bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and never lose a file again. You can use this Kore.ai Bot to create a folder and move a file to trash.

Integration Type Web Service – Connect to this Bot using a web service integration where Kore.ai polls the service for updates based on a specified interval.
Category File Management – This Bot is available in the Kore.ai Bot Store in the File Management category.
Channels Kore.ai – This Bot is available in the Kore.ai Messenger application.
Spark – This Bot is available in the Cisco Spark messaging application.
Slack – This Bot is available in the Slack messaging application.
Skype – This Bot is available in the Skype messaging application.

Configuring Dropbox 

To configure web service tasks, you need to add the Dropbox Bot from the Kore.ai Bot Store, and then setup the task. To setup a Dropbox task, click Connect to Dropbox, enter your Email and Password, and then press Enter.

After you are connected, you can perform tasks for Dropbox directly from your messaging channel and setup message notifications to get notified when an event occurs in Dropbox.

To setup a Dropbox task in the Kore.ai Messenger channel, click the New Task icon, click Get notified when…, and then click one of the Dropbox web services described in the following table.

Create Folder In the Perform Task dialog,

  • optionally search for a Source Folder
  • enter a Folder Name
  • and then click Submit.

In a team room, you can enter the @dropbox createfolder Bot command to invoke and configure this task.

Trash File In the Perform Task dialog,

  • search for a File to move to trash
  • and then click Submit.

In a team room, you can enter the @dropbox trash Bot command to invoke and configure this task.

Next Steps

After the task is configured, when any of the scheduled web service events occur in Dropbox, a message is displayed in your preferred messaging channel.

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