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Bots Admin Console

This section describes the Kore.ai Bots Admin Console that you can use to manage Bots and users for your company. The Kore.ai Bots Admin Console is a one-stop destination to enroll and manage Kore.ai Bot users in your organization.

Logging On to the Bots Admin Console

If you have already registered and setup your account, you can log on to the Bots Admin Console directly from the Kore.ai Bot Store. After you sign on to the Bot Store using your Kore.ai account, you can click Bots Admin Console on your user menu as shown in the following illustration.

Logging On to Bots Admin


If you are new to Kore.ai, and do not have a Kore.ai account, you will need to register for a free account with Kore.ai. For more information, see Getting Started for Bots Admin.

As a Bots Admin, you can enroll users, selectively add users as managed users, manage admin and custom roles, define security settings, and manage bots in your company. The following illustration is an example of the Bots Admin Console with the Dashboard page displayed.


Bots Admin Dashboard Page

What Should I Do First???

You can get started using the Bots Admin Console by inviting users to join and enrol in your Kore.ai bots platform account. The following table describes the Bots Admin modules you will need to start setting up an enterprise account on Kore.ai bots platform.

As the Bots Admin or admin user, you can use the Enrollment module to enroll your organizational employees to become Kore.ai users within your account. How you enroll your users depends on the number of users that you want to enroll, and if you have additional user data to import, such as addresses and telephone numbers.

Additionally, you can integrate and sync with your organizational employee directory. Periodic sync’s ensure that Kore.ai accounts for users are up-to-date and in sync with your organizational directory using either the Kore.ai cloud-based connector or the Kore.ai Directory Agent.

For more information, see the Enrollment Module Overview.

After you enroll your Kore.ai users, you may need to update user and user group information, add new users and user groups, or delete users and user groups in the Users Management module in the Bots Admin Console.

Additionally, you can choose which users and user groups will be managed in your account. You can also add and sync your company distribution lists with Kore.ai.

For more information, see the Users Module Overview.

So What’s Next???

After enrolling users, you may want to configure security essentials such as single-sign on and create custom user roles in the Bots Admin Console. The following section provides an overview of the Bots Admin Console modules that you can use to set up your company for Kore.ai Bot users.

The Dashboard page in the Bots Admin Console is your one-stop Bot activity and Bot user overview of your company Bot account. On this page, you can view your company usage of total Bot tasks performed, as well as by category, such as alerts, actions, and reports. You can also get a snapshot of pending Bots for approval and user assignment to those Bots.

For more information, see About the Bots Admin Console Dashboard

In this module, you can approve or reject custom bots sent for deployment approval, deploy some or all of the tasks defined for a bot, and then assign the deployed bot to users, or groups of users in your company for employees or managed users when the bot is defined for Enterprise Use, or for customers of your company when the bot is defined for Consumer Use.

For more information, see the Bots Management Module Overview.

In a large organization, you can delegate administrator roles to other Kore.ai users by assigning admin roles to those users. You can create custom admin roles in the Roles & Permissions module by defining a customized set of permissions for that role that you can then assign to a managed user.

For more information, see the Roles & Permissions Module Overview.

In the Security & Control module of the Bots Admin Console, add or modify password policies or configure Single Sign-On authentication. If you have an on-premises application using custom Kore.ai Bots, you can configure and install the Kore.ai Connector in your DMZ or Intranet. You can also view and refresh your enterprise data encryption key.

For more information, see the Security & Control Module Overview.

The Analytics module in the Bots Admin Console, provides a snapshot of account usage, storage consumption and volume of traffic by message type. The Audit Report page displays the history of all administrative tasks with attributes such as User, Date/Time, and Description for the event. The Audit Report page also displays other Kore.ai events such as user log on failure, and much more.

For more information, see the Analytics Module Overview.

Logging Off of the Bots Admin Console

When you are finished with your session with the Bots Admin Console, you should log off the console and close your session to keep your enterprise account secure. To log off, click on your user name, and then click Logout as shown in the following illustration.

If your Bots Admin Console session is idle for more than 15 minutes, your session is automatically terminated, and the next action in the session window will open the Kore.ai web client instead. To start a new session, click Bots Admin Console on your user menu and log on.

Next Steps

If you have already enrolled and setup users for your bots, you may want to deploy and assign company custom bots to those users. For more information, see the Bot Management Module Overview.


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