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Security & Control

This section of the Bot Admin Console documentation describes how to manage password policy, Single Sign-On, roles and permissions, and using the Kore.ai Connector agent. This section also describes how to configure the Kore.ai Connector agent that you can use inside your secure network to communication securely with Kore.ai servers on the Bots Platform.

The Bots Platform is a secure environment for incoming data to storage, and outgoing data for enterprises. For more information about Bots and platform security, see Enterprise Bots.

Security for Bots Administration

In the Security module of the Kore.ai Bots Admin Console, you can add or modify password policies, configure Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication for your domain users, and configure and install the Kore.ai Connector agent for Bot communications between Kore.ai and your on-premises applications using custom Kore.ai Bots. For more information, see the Security & Control Module Overview.
The following illustration shows an example of the Password Policy page in the Security & Control module in the Bots Admin Console.

Bots Admin Security Module Password Policy Page

Managing User Roles

In a large organization, you can delegate administrator roles to other Kore.ai users by assigning built-in Kore.ai admin roles to those users. You can also create custom admin roles by defining a customized set of permissions for that role that you can then assign to a managed user. With user roles defined and assigned, you can control access to features and delegate specific responsibilities to managed users. For more information, see the Roles & Permissions Module Overview.

The following illustration shows an example of the Admin Roles page in the Roles & Permissions module in the Bots Admin Console.



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