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Data Update API

Used to update data into Data Table.

To use this API, the app needs to be given Read and Write access to the Data Table from the Data Definition in DaaS (see here for details)

PUT https://{{host}}/api/public/tables/{{tableName}}

Kore.ai Bots Platform provides access to bot development using secured APIs. Refer here to learn more on how to use these APIs.

Query Parameters

Parameter Description
host Environment URL, for example, https://bots.kore.ai
tableName Name of the table to update data

Body Parameters

Parameter Description
query Filter criteria identifying the row to be updated

	"expressions": [
	   {"field": "<col1_name>", "operand": "=/!=/</>", "value": "<value1>"},
	   {"field": "<col2_name>", "operand": "=/!=/</>", "value": "<value2>"}
	"operator": "and/or"
data Object with the column_name: value pairing for the columns to be updated

"data": {
        "<col1_name>": "<value1>",
        "<col2_name>": "<value2>",


Invoke the API with JWT in the header with the following syntax:

auth: {{JWT}}

Response content type


Sample Request

curl -X PUT \
  http://{{host}}/api/public/tables/{{tableName}} \
  -H 'auth: {{YOUR_JWT_ACCESS_TOKEN}}' \
  -H 'content-type: application/json' \
  -d '{
 	"expressions": [
        	{"field": "firstName", "operand": "=", "value": "Jane"},
		{"field": "lastName", "operand": "=", "value": "Doe"}
		"operator": "and"
      "data": {
        "First_Name": "Jane",
        "Last_Name": "Smith",
        "Number": 3453

Sample Response

 "records": [
     "_id": "5e7ef67172034b399ace6b03",
     "First_Name": "Jane",
     "Last_Name": "Smith",
     "Gender": "Female",
     "Number": 3453,
     "Updated_On": "2020-03-28T07:51:32.502Z",
     "Created_On": "2019-03-28T07:02:09.652Z",
     "Updated_By": "st-98e05480-0257-5e35-b6d2-66a323834f9d",
     "Created_By": "st-98e05480-0257-5e35-b6d2-66a323834f9d",
     "sys_Id": "sys-545dae21-8675-5a95-9c1b-a223bc6f4bc8"