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Collaborative Development

Kore.ai allows cross-domain Bot sharing. You can share your Bot with one or more developers from the same or different enterprises enabling them to edit the shared Bot tasks, channels, and other settings.

Option 1 – Sharing the bot from the Bot Builder

  1. To share the bot with another Bot Developer, log on to the Bot Builder and select the Bot you want to share.
  2. From Settings -> Bot Management and navigate to Invite Developer section to add developers to your bot.
    Note: Post v6.4 release, developers who have access to any of the ‘Bot Admin’ permissions, can invite new developers.
  3. If your Bot already has developers added to it, Manage Developer Access option gets displayed in the Settings section.
  4. Click the Add button on right side of the page to display the users added to your account with developer access. Select one or more developers to share the bot with for co-development, as shown in the following illustration with two developers selected.

    Confirm by selecting Done to add and share your bot with one or more developers as shown in the illustration.
  5. You can also use the Invite Developer to Account option from the Dashboard to add a user to your account.
    Note: This option is available from v6.4 release.
  6. If you do not have the permissions to invite new developer, ask your account admin to invite the developer to the account and then share the Bot with them.

Option 2 – Inviting Developers to a Bot by Account Admin

To share a bot to a developer or another user, if you do not have permissions to invite new developers, it is essential for the Bot Admin to send an invitation to the developer and assign Bot Developer access.
Here are the steps for the account Admin to add users to your account:

  1. Log on to https://bots.kore.ai/ and select ‘Bot Admin Console’. You may be asked to login/re-login to the admin account.
  2. In the Bot Administration section, navigate to the User Management section and then select Users.
  3. Hover your mouse to right side of the page to the Manage Users section and click on Invite new users as shown in the following illustration.
  4. Enter the email address of the users you want to send invitations to join your enterprise account. A maximum of 5 users can be invited at a time. Then, click Send Invitations.

  5. The invitee must accept the invitation sent by the Bot Admin to get access to as a Bot User. Once the invitation is accepted, the username gets reflected in the list of Bot users for your enterprise account.

Assign Bot Builder Access

You can make changes to the Bot user settings by modifying the Bot User status.

Select the Bot User that you want to change the settings for, and then hover your mouse to the Bot Builder command menu and select one of the following:

  • Assign– to upgrade the status of Bot User to Bot Developer
  • Revoke– to retract Bot Developer access.

Change Bot Share Settings

In the Manager Developer Access section, you can view any developers that this bot is shared with, along with the Bot Owner. If needed, you can:

  • Revoke Access – Click to remove access to the bot for the selected developer. The developer immediately loses access to the bot.
  • Promote to Bot Owner – Click to change the selected developer to be the Bot Owner. When selected, you are immediately removed as Bot Owner and can no longer add or manage developers for this Bot.

To change bot sharing status for a developer, hover your mouse to the selected developer and click the three dots to display command menu as shown in the Illustration

Select ‘Revoke’ or ‘Promote to Bot Owner’ option to change the bot status as required.

Note: Settings for sharing for a bot can only be modified by the Bot Owner.

Working with Shared Bots

When a task, channel, or flow is claimed, the lock expires after 30 minutes, or when you exit the editing mode for the task, channel, or flow, whichever comes first. After 25 minutes, you are prompted to extend the lock, if desired. If you do not extend the lock before 30 minutes has elapsed, your changes are automatically saved, editing mode is ended, and the claim lock is removed.

If you try to edit a shared task, channel, or flow that is claimed, the message, “Oops! The bot is currently being edited by < Developer Name >” message is displayed.

Only the Bot Owner and developers that are shared to the bot can access and edit the task, channel or flow.

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