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Sending Bulk Invites to Enroll Users

On the Enrollment > Bulk Invite page, you can create a bulk invite file that contains email addresses of the users for your account. You can use the Bulk Invite page to enroll a large number of members based on data created or copied into a basic text file.

The import file is a basic text file with one email address per line and saved as a .txt file format. After you create a bulk invite file, you need to upload the file.

About Bulk Invites

When using a bulk invite file to add new users to your account, the following business rules are applied:

  • Ignores entries with an invalid email address or email format.
  • Sends invitation emails to each successful import of an email address.
  • Doesn’t send invites to existing account users.

The following illustration is an example of the Bulk Invite page in the Enrollment module.

User Enrollment - Bulk Invite Page

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Next Steps

If you have detailed data for your members, such as home address, telephone numbers, and organizational information, in addition to the email address, you can import the data and invite members with populated Kore.ai user account information. For more information, see Importing Users and User Data.

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