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Inviting Users by Email Addresses

You can invite new users to join your Kore.ai account. On the Enrollment > Invite page, you just need to enter the email address for one or more members and then click Send Invitations. An email invitation to join your Kore.ai account is sent to the user to become a Kore.ai user.

You should use the Invite page to create invitations if you only have a few members to invite, for example, between one and ten. If you have many users to invite, you can create invitations to join Kore.ai using a predefined list of members. For more information, see Importing Users and User Data.

If you have many email addresses for users to invite, you may want to create and upload a bulk invite file. For more information, see Create a Bulk Invite File. If you have additional data about users, such as from a distribution list, you may want to create an import file, and then upload the user email address and data to Kore.ai. For more information, see Create an Import File.


Invite Page Controls

The following table describes the controls on the Invite page that you can use to invite users to join your Kore.ai account.

Email Enter the email address. .
Clear All Click to delete email addresses from the Email text boxes.
Send Invitations Click to send Kore.ai invitation emails to all email addresses defined.

Next Steps

After you send invitations to enroll users in Kore.ai, the invitee must validate their email address to register as a Kore.ai user. After registration, the user is available in your account.

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