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ML Utterances Import Status API

Gets the status of the ML utterances import request made through Import ML Utterances API.

GET https://{{host}}/api/public/bot/{{bot_id}}/mlimport/status/{{ requestId }}

Path Parameters

Parameter Required/Optional Description
host Required Environment URL, for example, https://bots.kore.ai
bot_id Required The Stream ID of the bot from which to import the ML Utterances.
request_id required The ID that is generated on calling the ML Utterances API. It is in the following format: Bir-xxxxxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx.


Invoke the API with JWT in the header with the following syntax:

auth: {{JWT}}

Response content type


Sample Request

curl -X GET \ https://{{host}}/api/public/bot/{{bot ID}}/mlimport/status/{{request ID}} \


-H 'content-type: application/json' \
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