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Configuring Bot Types

This section helps you learn about the different bot types supported by Kore.ai and build them.

Standard Bots

Standard Bots are the most common type of bots. Using these, you can create dialog, alert, action, information, and knowledge task, as well as flows that map one task to another. For more information, see Defining a Standard Bot.

Universal Bots

Universal bots facilitate a scalable, modular approach to bot building by helping you link several standard bots into one. The bot executes the tasks and functions of the linked bots by routing relevant utterances to the corresponding standard bots.  For more information, see Defining a Universal Bot.

Sample Bots

You can install one or more of fully functional, end-to-end Kore.ai sample bots from the Bot Store, then customize and publish to understand how to configure bots.

Smart Bots

A Smart Bot is a custom Bot defined and then deployed to your environment and usually maintained by Kore.ai. You can unlock a Smart Bot and customize tasks. But once you open a task, it is no longer available for Kore.ai upgrades or changes- the developer must maintain it thereon. For more information, see Working with Smart Bots.


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