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What’s New

This section contains major and minor release information for the Bots Platform v7.2 released on Feb 8, 2020.

See Previous Major Releases

New Features

Widgets & Panels

Enhance your bots to proactively present relevant information to your end-users using interactive widgets. End-users can view the widgets either on mobile devices or on the desktop, and can also swiftly take any follow-up actions by directly conversing with your bots. Learn more.


Converting business processes into conversational flows is a very critical step in designing a successful virtual assistant. This requires very close collaboration between business analysts, natural language experts, bot developers, and business owners.’s Storyboard is an intuitive conversation designer that simplifies and streamlines the bot blueprinting process, without the need to have external flow charts, tracking and versioning tools. Learn more.

New Language Support

Users can now chat with the bots in the Kazakh language.

New Public API

The REST API to access Bot Admin Console Audit Logs is now available. Learn More.


  • Language Detection – Multi-language enabled bots can now detect a change in the user’s language anytime during the conversation and allow the user to switch to the new language. In the future, we would be deprecating the ‘language selection time frame’ option as the bot would automatically handle any change in the language with the introduction of this feature. Learn More.
  • Knowledge Graph Enhancements:
    • You can now opt to use the Bot Synonyms and concepts in Knowledge Graph intent detection. Learn More.
    • Currently, the questions in the Knowledge Graph are defined as plain text questions. You had to use synonyms or alternate questions to accommodate variations. With this release, pattern syntax can be used in defining questions, the KG engine would prefer the ‘pattern match’ FAQs over the regular text FAQ matches and these would be considered as a ‘Definite’ match. Learn More.
    • The Knowledge Graph Inspect tool is enhanced to show the results better classified as errors – need immediate action; warnings – help improve intent detection; suggestions – for a better organization of Knowledge Graph. Learn More.
    • Intent metrics and intent testing modules are enhanced to show the details of the dialog tasks linked to FAQs.
  • Whatsapp Business Messaging – Whatsapp Business Messaging channel can now be enabled with Infobip as the channel partner directly from the Bot Builder without the need to contact the support team. Learn More.
  • Channel Enhancement – Enabling of Workplace By Facebook channel flow has been modified as per the changes implemented by Facebook. The flow allows for the authorization of the application to send and receive messages from the Workplace by Facebook channel. Learn more.
  • Custom Dashboard now allows you to use ‘in’ and ‘not in’ operators to define the Filter criteria. This release also includes other enhancements like support for quick date filters, support for ‘Task Type’ field, etc. Learn More.
  • Improvements to intent detection in the German and French languages.
  • Custom Batch Test suites support has been increased from 1000 test cases to a maximum of 10000 (for onprem installations alone). Learn More.
  • The debug logs have been enhanced to include the messages related to the interaction between the platform and BotKit. Learn More.
  • Currently, the platform supports Service Provider(SP) initiated SAML flow for Single-Sign-On authentication. This support has been extended to Identity Provider (IdP) initiated SAML flow. Learn More.


  • The Dialog Import and Dialog Export options will be discontinued in the upcoming releases. This functionality can be achieved using ‘Clone Dialog’ and ‘Partial Bot Export’ features that were released in v7.1.0.
  • The ‘language selection time frame’ option will be deprecated in the upcoming releases as bots can now automatically detect and handle any change in the language during the course of user conversation.