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The Kore.ai Bots Platform gives enterprises every necessary component to clear the hurdle of “how” when it comes to designing, building, testing, and deploying AI-powered chatbots. This one-stop solution provides a scalable, secure, and repeatable foundation to create chatbots that perform a wide range of intelligent tasks, communicate with people, systems, and things via award-winning NLP, and leverage data to drive actionable employee and customer engagements across channels.

The Platform includes the following major components:

Task execution and integration framework

The type of jobs, or what Kore.ai calls bot tasks – and how well a chatbot can perform them – dictate the chatbot’s immediate usefulness and long-term value. The Kore.ai Bots Platform provides a complete set of features and capabilities for building chatbots that can perform any task, whether simple or complex, to satisfy all business requirements. Gain access to a single platform to design chatbots that can send simple notifications, pull reports, perform data entry, and answer questions, and can take on more rigorous tasks, like triggering multi-pronged system-to-system workflows.

Natural Language Processing Engine

A chatbot’s ability to consistently understand and interact with a user is dictated by the robustness of the Natural Language Processing (NLP) that powers the conversation. Kore.ai’s Platform use a unique Natural Language Processing strategy, combining Fundamental Meaning and Machine Learning engines for maximum conversation accuracy with little upfront training. Bots built on Kore.ai’s Platform can understand and process multi-sentence messages, multiple intents, contextual references made by the user, patterns and idiomatic sentences, and more. The NL engine includes recognition support for a wide range of entities and provides the tools needed to further customize your bot’s language understanding using additional patterns.

Automated Speech Recognition Engine

To take advantage of the inherent speed and simplicity of speech-to-text and text-to-speech based communications, chatbots must be capable of recognizing and translating voice-based commands. Kore.ai’s Bots Platform includes an automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine to enable voice-driven interactions between bots and users. It also allows your chatbot to communicate outside of traditional text interfaces or messaging applications like speech-enabled devices.

Channel Connectors

To build, deploy, and manage bots using a scalable model, they need to be built in a way that balances rapid integration with channel-specific customization. Kore.ai’s Channel Connectors simplify, standardize, and largely automate the process of deploying bots to multiple communication channels, with no code required. The connectors eliminate the time-consuming burden of tweaking, testing, and debugging every aspect of a bot’s configuration to best fit the different formats and standards required by over 22 channels including Amazon Alexa, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Message Middleware

Middleware is required for bots to exchange and transport information between distributed users and systems seamlessly and in real-time. Kore.ai’s Message Middleware specifically manages the movement and processing of information, including reliably formatting, passing, and securing messages between users, bots, and enterprise cloud and on-premise systems – regardless of programming languages, protocols or Operating Systems.

Enterprise Integration Framework

The complexity, time and cost of building bots is directly impacted by the work required to integrate bots to your diverse and distributed enterprise systems. Kore.ai provides a complete integration model for managing the movement of data between both cloud and on-premise systems and users via bots. Kore.ai’s Enterprise Integration Framework, which handles orchestration, authentication, transportation, and mediation for applications that may consist of multiple communication protocols or technologies, reduces operational complexity and provides a standardized integration methodology.

Security and Compliance

Kore.ai follows the strictest guidelines for security and compliance regardless of industry. From personally identifiable customer information to proprietary business data, our Platform allows you to meet strict requirements passed down from local, state, and federal regulatory and governing bodies.

Real-Time Messaging (RTM), RESTful Service Interfaces, & SDKs

Extend your enterprise’s mobile and desktop application experiences with custom, NLP-enabled bots via our Bot SDKs, and how the Platform communicates with the Kore.ai SDK libraries.


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