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Bot Builder
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BotKit SDK Tutorial – Agent Transfer
BotKit SDK Tutorial – Flight Search Sample Bot
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Supported Colors Bots Platform supports the following colors:

Color Prefix
green caesious celadon chartreuse chlorochrous glaucous green greenish Kelly olivaceous pistachio porraceous prasinous smaragdine virescent virid viridian zinnober apple celery emerald lime mint olive sage
brown amber bronze brown brownish brunette buff fuscous infuscate mahogany russet rust sandy sepia sienna sinopia sorrel tan taupe terracotta Titian umbra almond chocolate cinnamon coffee copper hazel honey khaki nutmeg rainbow walnut
orange auburn orange orangish
blue aqua aquamarine azuline azure blue blueish cerulean cyaneous indigo mazarine navy pavonated porceline royal teal turquoise ultramarine watchet aquamarine cobalt peacock periwinkle sapphire sky steel
purple amaranthine heliotrope hyacinthine ianthine magenta mauve orchid porphyrous puce purple purplish purpure purpureal rhodopsin aubergine claret lavender lilac mulberry plum violet
red cardinal cerise cinnabar coccineous coquelicot cramoisy crimson cyan erythraean flammeous fuchsia garnet haematic incarnadine kermes lateritious madder magenta maroon miniaceous minium modena nacarat phoeniceous pink pinkish ponceau puccoon puniceous rectory red reddish Rufous sanguineous solferino stammel testaceous umber vermeil vermilion vermillion vinaceous brick burgundy cherry coral raspberry rose ruby salmon strawberry maroon miniaceous minium modena nacarat phoeniceous pink pinkish ponceau puccoon puniceous rectory red reddish Rufous sanguineous solferino stammel testaceous umber vermeil
yellow beige buff citreous citrine gamboge lurid nankeen ochre tawny yellow yellowish apricot butter buttercup butterscotch canary chrome gold goldenrod lemon mustard peach persimmon primrose saffron suede sulphur tangerine
gold metallic
silver metallic
copper metallic
bronze metallic
black blackish ebony jet_black licorice melanic morel nigrine piceous
white blond chalk cream cretaceous ivory magnolia off-white whey white whitish
grey ashen cesious columbine gray grayish grey greyish hoary taupe
metallic argent brass bronze copper gold metallic platinum silver