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What’s New – Redirected

This section contains release information for the Kore.ai Experience Optimization Platform v9.1 released on Oct 30th, 2021.

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Virtual Assistants

The following are the new features and enhancements for managing Virtual Assistants.

Multilingual Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants that engage the customers in their preferred language are very effective in improving the customer experience. This update of the platform allows you to automatically enable multilingual virtual assistants. You only need to train the virtual assistant in one of your preferred languages, and the language-agnostic NLP models can start engaging the customers in over 100 languages. The virtual assistants also support auto-translation of the responses using the translation services from Google Cloud or Microsoft. Learn more

Conversation Testing

End-to-end validation of the assistant’s skills ensures the best experience for the customers and improves RoI. The Conversation Testing tool allows you to validate the virtual assistant’s interaction flows across dialog and knowledge graph intents. You can record the test cases, execute them and also analyze the test results to optimize the performance.  Learn more

Feature Enhancements

  • There are times when you do not want to present certain information to your users. To help you achieve this, Knowledge Graph now supports disabling selected nodes or FAQs that are invalid for a certain period. You can re-enable these intents anytime when your business needs them. Also, explore the new FAQ API to synchronize the responses and the status of the KG intents. Learn more
  • The Webhook channel has a new version of the APIs (Version 2.0) with standardized request and response formats. This release includes a web client for the Webhook channel.
  • The Voice Channel’s error flows are standardized to always invoke the call termination handler. 
  • The Virtual assistant definition files now support version compatibility checks to prevent imports in non-compatible application versions. These checks are applicable only for the on-premises installations with different application versions in different environments.  
  • Slovenian is supported as a standard language now. Learn more

Process Apps

The following are the new features and enhancements for managing Process Apps.

Email Trigger

There are times where you don’t want to fill a lengthy form for a purchase/leave request to your manager, instead send out an email on your query. The Process Apps now provide the ability to the end-users to trigger an automatic business process just by sending out an email. For e.g. you can send an email for budget approval, and this can automatically initiate a process flow and create a task for the appropriate persons/groups.  Learn more

Delay Event

Use the Delay event to hold a process flow for a specific amount of time before initiating the next steps in the flow. For example, in an employee onboarding flow, after an orientation task is sent to the manager of the new hire, you want the process to wait for a week before another task is sent to their manager to follow up. Learn more

One-click Approval via Email

There are cases where you would like to provide quick approval with just a click on the email. The task assignment emails can now include actionable buttons/links so that the users can complete the task directly from their email inbox. 

SDK Versions

The following is the recommendation for the versions compatible with this release:

  • Web/Mobile SDK & Widget SDK:
  • BotKit SDK: