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Auto Training & Negative Patterns

On the Kore.ai Bots Platform, natural language engine attempts to identify a user input and match that user input to a task. You can modify additional advanced settings like auto training setting for user utterances and enable negative patterns for intent detection.

Navigating to the Advanced Settings

  1. Open the bot for which you want to modify the settings.
  2. Hover over the side navigation panel and then click Natural Language -> Training.
  3. Select the Advanced Settings tab.
  4. Below is a detailed discussion about each and every section on this page.

Auto-training Settings

Use this setting to initiate unsupervised learning, whereby the successful user utterances are automatically added to the ML training model. By default it is disabled, and we strongly suggest you go with the default setting. Refer here to know more.

Negative Patterns

Negative patterns can be used to eliminate intents detected by the Fundamental Meaning or Machine Learning models. Refer here to know more.

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