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Negative Patterns

On the Kore.ai Bots Platform, natural language engine attempts to identify a user input and match that user input to a task. You can modify additional advanced settings to enable negative patterns for intent detection.

This will be useful in filtering matched-intents which are part of user utterance but should not trigger that intent.

Use Case: For example, a user says “I was trying to Book a Flight when I faced an issue“. Based on the training data, the model may identify the intent as “Book a Flight“, but that is not what the user wants to do. In such a case, defining “faced an issue” as a negative pattern would ensure that the matched intent “Book a Flight” is ignored.

Negative Patterns

Negative patterns can be used to eliminate intents detected by the Fundamental Meaning or Machine Learning models. To enable Negative Patterns:

  1. Go to Natural Language > Training
  2. Select Advanced Settings
  3. Enable Negative Patterns, by default this option is disabled.
  4. You will see Negative Patterns section added, in this section:

    1. For each of the intent in your Bot you can define negative patterns similar to how you define intent patterns.
    2. Any intents identified by FM or ML engines, if identified as one of the configured negative patterns, will be ignored and not sent to Ranking & Resolver.
    3. Once added, these patterns can be reordered, edited, and deleted.

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