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Upgrading Tasks

After you publish a task, and the Bots Admin approves and deploys the task, to make changes in the published bot, you will need to upgrade the bot, and then publish the upgrade for Bots Admin approval and deployment to users. However, you can make some minor changes, such as task descriptions, Task Demo link, custom error messages on the General tab for a task.

Some changes, for example, bot Name, can only be changed if the bot is not published. To change the name of a published bot, the Bots Admin would have to suspend the bot by removing all assigned users and marking the bot task as inactive.

Editing Basic Settings

This section describes how to make changes to a published task. Basic settings can be changed and saved without upgrading the bot because the end-user experience is not changed. Only limited settings can be changed for a published bot.

To edit settings for a published task

  1. Open the bot whose task you want to edit.
  2. Hover over the left-hand navigation panel of the bot, and click Bot Tasks.
  3. Point to the task you want to edit, and click the Settings DIYSettingsIcon icon that is displayed. The General tab for the published task is displayed with both read-only and editable fields.
  4. Click Save to save the modified settings and close the General tab.

You cannot access other tabs for a published task for editing. However, you can click the Settings DIYSettingsIcon icon, and then select View to view all tabs of a published task. Editing a published task using the Edit Basic Settings command does not require Enterprise Admin nor end-user approval or action, and the Version number of the task is unchanged.

Upgrading Tasks

If you need more than a minor change to the published task, you will have to upgrade the task to a new version.

Upgrade Types

There are two types of upgrades for a task:

  • Mandatory – A mandatory upgrade generally does not require end-user action, and users are only informed that the task was upgraded with an auto-upgrade. If a mandatory upgrade does require end-user action, for example, new authentication requirements, the end-user is notified to take the action for a manual upgrade, sent reminder notifications, and finally, expiration of the original task after 15 days.
  • Optional – An optional upgrade is not required and is not auto-upgraded for users. End-user action is required to complete the manual upgrade and the user can choose whether or not to upgrade.

Task Upgrade Definitions

A Version Type is either a major or minor update.

Depending on the changes for the bot task, you may be able to specify the version type as a minor or major update for the revision number. All published tasks begin with Version set to 1.0. A major update would set the Version to 2.0, while a minor update would set the Version to 1.1.

As part of the end-user upgrade experience, you must define the messages shown to the user to describe the upgrade, and other messages that describe what the upgrade will change.

Verify Flows

And finally, if the upgraded task is mapped in a flow, you must review, update, and confirm existing mapping values defined in the flow. If the flows are not verified, mapped action tasks will not be displayed in the upgraded task for the end-user.

Note: You cannot publish another upgrade to a mandatory published task that requires manual end-user input during the initial 15-day deployment.

Upgrading a Task

Using the Upgrade command, a duplicate of the original task is created where you can make your modifications without affecting the published version. Then, when ready to deploy, you can decide if the upgraded task is mandatory or optional for users that are already using the originally published task.

To upgrade a task

  1. Open the bot whose task you want to edit.
  2. Hover over the left-hand navigation panel of the bot, and click Bot Tasks.
  3. Point to the task you want to edit, and click the Settings DIYSettingsIcon icon that is displayed.
  4. In the Action Tasks or Alert Tasks section, click the Settings DIYSettingsIcon icon for the published task you want to upgrade, and then click Upgrade.
  5. A duplicate of the published task is created with a Status set to Upgrade In Progress and the General tab is displayed.
  6. Modify the task as needed, and then click Finish Setup.

When you are complete with the modifications to the upgraded task, the task Status is set to Configured, and the Version is set to Draft.

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