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General Tab Settings for an Information Task

After you select or create a Bot in Bot Builder, you can add a task to the Bot. For more information, see Creating a new Bot.

This topic describes how to configure the settings for the General tab, which is the first step in defining an information task. For more information about the process of creating a task, see About Information Tasks.


Configuring the General Settings

Follow these steps to configure the general settings for an Information task:

  1. Open the bot in which you want to create the Action Task.
  2. Hover over the side navigation panel of the bot, and click Bot Tasks.
  3. On the Bot Tasks page, hover over the Information Task tab and click the plus icon.
  4. Enter a name for the task, which also doubles up as the display name. Bot Store uses the display name of the task. You can change the display name if needed. The Create Alert Task dialog opens.
  5. Enter the following required details for the task, and then click Create & Proceed:

    Field NameDescription
    Display NameThe name of the task as it gets displayed in the Kore.ai Bot Marketplace. It is same as the task name unless you want to change it.
    Task NameThe name of the task as displayed everywhere in the application and end-user channels.
    Connection TypeThe connection type for Action Tasks is always web service. The web service sends data to Kore.ai when it polls using the end user credentials. This setting is read-only for action tasks.
    Connection Mode

    This is the communications protocol connection type for your task as a web service. The web service sends data to Kore.ai when polled by Kore.ai using the end-user account log on credentials.

    • REST – The task uses a REST API connection that is protocol-independent to exchange messages and to handle CRUD operations for web services.
    • SOAP – The task uses a SOAP API connection based on XML protocols for message exchange.

Advanced Settings

To configure the advanced settings for the task, expand the section and enter the relevant details.

Field NameDescription
Turn Off Confirmation MessagesSelect Yes to disable confirmation of the execution of a task when using NLP. When No is selected, the user is asked to confirm the task before running it. For more information, see the Natural Language Processing Guide.
Mapped Only Action TaskSelect to only display this action task to an end-user if mapped from another task in a flow. When Yes is selected, the action task is not visible in an end-user search for action tasks.
Search Keywords

Specify one or more search words an end-user can use to help locate this task in the Kore.ai Bot Store.

Task Demo LinkEnter a www.youtube.com link to display a demo icon next to the task name in the Bot Store.

The following illustration shows a bot task defined with a Task Demo Link.

Authorization is required for Accessing the WSDL File
(Applies only to SOAP requests)
Select Yes to use authentication if web service authorization is required to access the WSDL for SOAP requests. When Yes is selected, the Authentication defined for the API request is used to access the WSDL. This setting is only available when the task Connection Mode is set to SOAP.
Get Optional FieldsSelect Yes to require the end-user to select and then enter at least one of the available optional parameters.

Next Steps

After you define your information task and then click Save, you may need to set up authorization to access the Bot if authorization is required. For more information, see API Request Tab – Authentication Settings for an Information Task.

If authorization is not required, the next step is to define one or more request objects to get any data required for the task from the Bot. For more information, see API Request Tab – Information Task – REST or API Request Tab – Information Task – SOAP.

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