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Creating Bot Ontology in a Spreadsheet

You can create the bot ontology using a sample spreadsheet that can be downloaded from the bot. If you anticipate frequent changes to the Knowledge Graph, we recommend you to create it in a spreadsheet as they make it easier to make bulk updates compared to the application UI.
Follow the instructions below to build your bot ontology in a spreadsheet.

Downloading the Sample CSV file

  1. Open the Bot Ontology.
  2. On the top right corner of the Bot Ontology, click the icon.
  3. Click Import Ontology, and then click Proceed.
  4. On the following screen, click Sample CSV. The CSV file is downloaded to your local computer.

Building the Bot Ontology in a CSV

The details that you need to enter in each row of the CSV file differ based on the type of the information such as FAQ, Synonyms, Classes, and more. For example, the details you need to enter for an FAQ (Question, Answer, Nodes, Alternate Questions) differ from the details you need to enter for Synonyms (Term, Synonyms).

The bot interprets the data present in each row of the CSV file, depending on the information type specified in the Column # 1 of the row. Below are the valid entries for Column#1 of the CSV file, which represent the different information types:

  • Primary: Represents a primary question in the Knowlege Graph.
  • Alternate: Represents an alternative question for a primary question.
  • Unmappedpath: Represents nodes with no questions associated with it.
  • Synonyms: Represents global synonyms for terms.
  • Classes: Represents the class names and their associated utterances.

Important notes

You cannot import or export the following bot elements using a CSV or spreadsheet

  • Alternative Responses: While the spreadsheet support entering alternative questions for an FAQ, you cannot enter alternative responses in the spreadsheet and import them into the bot.
  • Split Responses: You cannot enter or import FAQ responses that are split into multiple consecutive messages.
  • Advanced Responses: The CSV import doesn’t support responses written in the advanced mode using JavaScript.

The following sections provide the remaining details that you must fill for each information type:


Primary Question

: Enter the names of all the parent nodes in separate columns until you reach the First-level node in the path.

Alternate Questions

Note: You need to enter each alternative question in a separate row below the primary question.



Unmappedpath refers to nodes for which no question is added.

Note: Enter the names of all parent nodes in the hierarchy up to the First-level node. Do not enter the name of the root node as it creates a duplicate node below the root node.

Global Synonyms

Note: Enter each synonym in a separate column.


Path Synonyms


Note: Enter each utterance in a separate column.


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