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Interacting with a Kore.ai Bot

Bots, from just about all companies will alert you with some type of notification when an event occurs. Kore.ai Bots can provide you with notification messages when something happens in an application, and also can be configured to execute tasks in an application when an event occurs as well. Our Kore.ai Bots can also be enabled for Natural Language Processing, or NLP, that you can use to interact, or talk with our Kore.ai Bots.

No need to fill out extensive forms fields, or use specific code syntax, or remember keywords. With NLP-enabled Kore.ai Bots, you can just talk or type to your Bot just as you would to a colleague or friend, and get your Bot to do what you want. For example, after you add the JIRA Bot to you account, and specify which channel you want to use the Bot in, such as the Kore.ai messenger client, text messaging, or FaceBook Messenger, you can talk to your Bot to get information, create or update issues, and more, using common everyday language, such as create a new jira ticket.



In the previous example, in just 4 entries, a new ticket was created in JIRA. Just try and see if you can create a ticket directly in JIRA that fast! You can test talking with Kore.ai Bots at the Kore.ai Bot Store.

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