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Bot Store Settings

To modify your Bot Store settings, on the Bots menu, go to Settings > Bot Store Settings.

Note: These settings are to publish a bot Kore.ai Bot Store. If you are interested in publishing your bot there, contact us.

Modify one or more of the settings described in the following table.

BannerThe banner is displayed in the Kore.ai Bot Store at the top of the page when a bot is selected in the Bots section. For example, the Custom Company Bot banner in the following illustration has a blue/green banner color defined.
Bot Store - Custom - Company Bot
CategorySelect one or more categories to display the Bot in the end-user interface. Select one or more of:

  • Social Network

  • Communication

  • News & Weather

  • Productivity

  • File Management

  • Entertainment & Lifestyle

  • Sports

  • Utilities

  • Education

  • Shopping & Services

  • Developer Tools

  • Monitoring & Analytics

  • Project Management

  • CRM

  • HR

  • Marketing

  • Customer Support

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Travel

  • Collaboration

  • ERP

  • SAP

This field is required to publish to the Kore.ai Bot Store.
TaglineDefine a tagline displayed in the Bot Store for your Bot. For example, This is the tagline for this bot. as shown at the top of the following illustration for the My Web Service Bot.

Homepage LinkAn optional link displayed on the About page for the Bot in the end-user interface, in the Kore.ai Bot Store.
Bot Demo LinkAn optional link displayed in the Bot Store as a link to a demo for your Bot, for example, a Youtube video such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qB3P7kDKXZ4.
Link to HelpAn optional link displayed in the Bot Store as a link to your web site for additional information and support for your Bot. In the following illustration, the View help button at the bottom of the page links to a help web page defined as https://myhelppagelink.com.

View Help Button at the Bot Store
Search KeywordsSpecify one or more search terms for this Bot used in the end-user interface to find your Bot.

To save the Bot settings, click Save. The < Bot Name > updated successfully message is displayed and the modified Bot is displayed in the Kore.ai Bot Builder.

Next Steps

There are also a set of advanced Bot settings you should review and define for your Bot. For more information, see Advanced Bot Settings.

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