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Adding a Business Insider Bot

Kore.ai provides integration for a built-in Business Insider Bot that you can use to display message notifications and execute tasks directly from the Kore.ai application. To use the Business Insider Bot, you just need to add the Bot to your Kore.ai account, and then configure the settings for the Bot. This topic describes the Business Insider built-in Bot for Kore.ai. For more information about other Kore.ai Bots, see Adding Bots.

About the Kore.ai Bot for Business Insider

businessinsiderBusiness Insider keeps you up to date with the latest news, sharp analysis and insightful commentaries from around the world and across the spectrum of verticals: Finance, Tech, Media, Politics, Strategy, Sports, and more.

Integration Type RSS – Connect to this Bot using a RSS integration where the web feed publishes the updates based on a specified interval.
Category News & Weather – This Bot is available in the Kore.ai application in the News & Weather category.

Configuring Business Insider

To configure an Business Insider RSS for Kore.ai, you need to add the Business Insider Bot from the Bot Store in the Kore.ai application, and then setup the task.

You can also setup message notifications to your Kore.ai account using a Business Insider RSS. Click New Task, click Get notified when…, and then click one of the following Business Insider RSS described in the following table.

U.S. News In the Setup Task dialog,

  • optionally customize the Task Name 
  • optionally customize the Short Description
  • enable or disable Mute task notifications
  • optionally customize the interval for message notifications in the Check for updates… section
India News In the Setup Task dialog,

  • select the Category
  • optionally customize the Task Name
  • optionally customize the Short Description
  • enable or disable Mute task notifications
  • optionally customize the interval for message notifications in the Check for updates… section.

Next Steps

After the Business Insider RSS is configured, when any of the events occur in Business Insider, a message is displayed on the Bots screen for the Kore.ai account.

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