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Adding a Kore.ai Bot

This article describes the steps to add a Kore.ai Bot to your email, text message, or any other channel for Kore.ai Bots, Enterprise Bots, and Developer Bots.

Adding Kore.ai Bots

This section describes how to add a Kore.ai Bot to your account on the Kore.ai Bots Home page.

  1. After signing in to your Kore.ai Bot account at the Kore.ai Bot Store, hover your mouse over any bot, and then click Add.

  2. On the selected bot dialog, click the channel that you want to add the bot to, or enter an email address to interact with the bot.
    Adding a CNN Bot

If you select Email me, a confirmation message is displayed with a message that an email is sent to your selected email ID with additional instructions to complete set up of the Kore.ai Bot.

Sign in to your email account and complete the setup of the Kore.ai Bot and then communicate and interact with the Kore.ai Bot using Natural Language Processing (NLP). For more information, see Interacting with a Kore.ai Bot.

Adding Enterprise or Developer Bots

Any custom Bots created by a developer using the Kore.ai Bot Builder tool are available on the Developer page at the Kore.ai Bot Store. If the developer publishes a custom Bot to the Enterprise, and the Enterprise Admin approves and deploys the Bot, and assigns the Bot to users, then the Bot is available on the Enterprise page at the Bot Store as shown below.


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