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Setting Up Filters

When you set up a task for a message notification, you can define filters for some tasks to show only the data in the message notification that you want. For example, for the Issue Updates task in JIRA, you can limit message notifications to your Kore.ai account based on the JIRA issue assignee, reporter, type of issue, project, or any combination of the filters. This topic describes how you set up one or more filters for your message notification.

This topic uses the Issue Updates task in JIRA as an example. You can apply the same settings for the filters for your task.

If your Bot task was defined with filters for a task, when you set up the task, the first section displayed is Filters as shown in the following illustration.


Click anywhere in the gray box to configure Filters as shown in the following illustration.


To limit your message notifications to a specific subset of issues, you can enable and define one or more filters. For example, to only receive message notifications for new features in the Billing project, you would enable and define the Filters section as shown in the following illustration. When you click the Enable/Disable icon for a filter, the option fields are displayed for that filter.


With this filter defined in the previous illustration, you will only get a message notification in your Kore.ai account if the JIRA issue type is a New Feature AND the issue is in the Billing project.

To also get message notifications for New Features in the Bots project as well, you just need to click Add Filter, and then add a new OR filter, called Filter#2 as shown.


When you click Done, the filter is saved and a summary is displayed as shown in the following illustration of the Filters section in the Setup Task dialog.


Next Steps

Now that your filters are defined, you can continue with the message notification setup. For more information, see Adding Bots.

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