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Working with a User Profile

On the Users tab on the Users page in the User Management module, in the Kore.ai Bots Admin Console, you can click a user in the Name column to view and modify user status, group membership, compliance, and assigned message control templates on the < User > page. You can also review and edit user profile information and reset the user password if needed.

The following illustration shows an example of the < User > page.

User Page Details

You can view the following user account activity information on the < User > page:

  • User name and email address or mobile number used to register with Kore.ai
  • Date and time when the user last logged in to Kore.ai
  • User Status
  • Admin Role
  • Transfer of Primary Master Admin role
  • User profile picture
  • Profile information such as company title, telephone, address, and so forth
  • Groups that the user belongs to
  • Manage group membership
  • Assigned message control templates
  • Custom Admin roles assigned
  • Active sessions

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Next Steps

After you modify the settings for one managed user, you may want to review other managed users. For more information, see Managing Your Users.

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