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Using the Kore.ai Connector

On the Kore.ai Connector page, in the Security & Control module of the Bots Admin Console, you can download and configure the Kore.ai Connector Agent for Bots within your secure company intranet to provide secure communications between the Kore.ai Bots platform in the cloud and your network.

Why Use the Kore.ai Connector for Bots?

Kore.ai Bots are designed to make updates, provide notifications to users, and perform tasks. The tasks to perform are received from or performed on third-party applications available over the Internet as web-based applications or on-premises bots applications.

In a Kore.ai bots on-premises system, communications security is maintained by restricting users and systems within the company intranet or by configuring specific channels for specific data exchange. On the contrary, Kore.ai Bots reside and process data in the cloud environment and cannot directly connect to your bots premises applications.

You can use the Kore.ai Connecter Agent to establish and maintain secure data connectivity between Kore.ai and your on-premises applications within your intranet.

The Kore.ai Connector is a stand-alone application that is installed and configured within your company intranet configured with restricted and secure connectivity to specified bots applications. The Kore.ai Connector Agent is designed to pass requests for data access between your on-premises applications and Kore.ai to process the specific Bot tasks configured by an end-user with rights and privileges for those applications.

The following illustration shows the Kore.ai Connector page in the Bots Admin Console Security & Control module.

Bots Admin Kore.ai Connector Module Page

Kore.ai Connector Page Controls

The following controls are available on the Kore.ai Connector page in the Bots Admin Console.

Download Connector – Click the Download Connector drop-down arrow in and then select one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows Based
  • Unix/Linux Based

Download the Kore.ai Connector Agent to your default browser downloads directory. Install the agent in your DMZ or Intranet. For more information, see Installing the Kore.ai Connector Agent.

Add Connector – Click to add up to two connectors. After a connector is added, you should install and configure the Kore.ai Connector Agent.

Actions Menu – On the Kore.ai Connector page, click the Ellipsis EntAdminEllipsis icon to display the Actions menu to run the following commands:

  • Instructions – Displays the Connector Instructions dialog that describes the overall steps to install and configure the Kore.ai Connector Agent.
  • Details – Displays the Connector Details dialog that shows the Kore.ai Connector name, description, ID, status as CONNECTED or DISCONNECTED, and Last Connected date.
  • Generate Certificate – Displays the Generate Signed Certificate dialog used to create a .pem file for security along with instructions on how to create the file. For more information, see Installing the Kore.ai Connector Agent.
  • Enable/Disable – Click to show the Are you sure you want to enable this connector? dialog. Click Continue to enable the connector. When enabling a connector, any other enabled instances of the Kore.ai Connector Agent are disabled.
  • Delete – Click to display the Delete Connector dialog. To permanently delete the connector, click Confirm.

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Next Steps

To get started, you should first become familiar with the Kore.ai Connector Agent. For more information, see the About the Kore.ai Connector.

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