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Upload a Bulk Invite

Before you can upload, you must first create a bulk invite file to upload. For more information, see Create a Bulk Invite File. This topic describes how to upload a file that contains user email addresses used to invite the users to become Kore.ai users in your account.

To upload a bulk invite file

  1. In the Enrollment module, on the Bulk Invite page, click Choose File.
  2. Navigate to your bulk invite file, and then click Open. The filename is displayed to the right of the Choose File button.
  3. Click Send Invitations. The status of the import is described immediately following the Send Invitations button.

Click the View details here link to review the details of the import. In addition, you can click the File Based Bulk User Invite History link to review import statuses from prior bulk invite imports.

The following image shows the location of the upload details.


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