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Manually Start a Sync with Active Directory

You may want to initiate a manual sync with your Active Directory to update when there are many changes between scheduled syncs.

To complete this procedure, you must have already defined synchronization settings for your account. For more information, see Sync Users with your Domain Active Directory.

How you access the Active Directory Sync configuration depends which type of connector you are using. Complete one of the following procedures to access the Kore.ai Active Directory configuration dialog.

To manually start an Active Directory sync using the cloud-based connector

  • In the Enrollment > Directory Sync page, in the Current Settings section, click Run Now as shown in the following illustration.
    Manually Start a Directory Sync

The Directory Synchronization is in-progress message is displayed at the top of the page.

To manually start a sync using the Kore.ai Directory Agent

To configure Active Directory when the Kore.ai Directory Agent is installed, you run the Kore.ai Directory Agent installed on the server where the Kore.ai Directory Agent service is running. You are prompted to log on to Kore.ai using your Bots Admin log on credentials, and then you can configure the settings for your company.

    1. On the Windows Start menu, click All Programs, and then in the Kore.ai Directory Agent folder, click Kore.ai Directory Agent. The Kore.ai Bots Admin Console logon screen is displayed.
      Note: You may have to right-click the program shortcut, and then click Run As Administrator.
    2. Log on to Kore.ai using your Kore.ai Bots Admin credentials. The Kore.ai Directory Agent page is displayed.
      Note: To log on to the Kore.ai Directory Agent, a custom admin must have privileges enabled for Enrollment – Directory Sync.
    3. Click Run Now as shown in the following illustration.
      Run a Manual Directory Sync Now
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