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Enrollment Module Overview

As the Kore.ai Bots Admin or admin user, you can use the Enrollment module to enroll your organization employees to become Kore.ai users in your account. How you enroll your account members depends on the number of members that you want to enroll, and if you have additional user data to import, such as addresses and telephone numbers.

Additionally, you can integrate and sync with the organization employee directory. Periodic syncs ensure that Kore.ai accounts for users are up-to-date and in sync with your organizational directory.

When the users complete the Kore.ai enrollment and then validates their email address, they can start using Kore.ai immediately.

In the Enrollment Module

The Enrollment module is comprised of the following pages:

  • Invite Page
    You can invite users to join Kore.ai. From the Enrollment >Invite page, enter the email address for one or more members, and then click Send Invitations. An email invitation to join your Kore.ai account is sent to the user to become a Kore.ai user.
  • Bulk Invite Page
    On the Enrollment > Bulk Invite, you can create a bulk invite file that contains member email addresses for your account. You can use the Bulk Invite page to enroll a large number of members based on data created or copied into a basic text file.
  • Import Page
    If you need to invite many Kore.ai users and you already have additional information about users in addition to the email address, such as the First Name, Last Name, DepartmentPhone, and Job Title, you can use the Import page to add new users and update existing users based on a list that contains additional user information.
  • Directory Sync Page
    As a Bots Admin or admin user, you can configure Kore.ai to synchronize with your organizational LDAP Active Directory to enroll users from your company into Kore.ai. On the Directory Sync page in the Enrollment module, you can manually do the following:

    • Start a synchronization with your company Active Directory
    • Define connection information to your Active Directory server
    • Create exclusion rules used to prevent unwanted updates to existing users or groups
    • Define distribution lists to import from Active Directory
    • Define organizational units to import from Active Directory
    • Set up an automated schedule for synchronization.
  • Enrollment Requests
    Note: This feature has been introduced in v6.4 release.
    As an Admin user, you can view the joining requests made by new users and approve or reject these requests. Appropriate notifications will be sent for joining requests and approvals/rejections. This feature is not available on free email domain accounts, like gmail or yahoo etc..
  • Preferences
    Note: This feature has been introduced in v6.4 release.
    Configurations can be made to allow new users from your enterprise to choose to join your account based upon the email domains, i.e. if they have the same email domain as the account owner’s domain. This feature is not available on free email domain accounts, like gmail or yahoo etc..

Next Steps

To get started with adding users to your account, you need to enroll them. For more information, see Enrolling a New User.


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