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Deploying Bots

As the Bots Admin, you can manage which bots, and which users can use bots deployed in your company to employees or you consumers. After a developer publishes a custom bot from the Kore.ai Bot Builder tool to the Enterprise page at the Kore.ai Bot Store, the bot is displayed on the Deployment Requests page. Bots are not available to any users in your company until you approve the bot, and then assign that bot to one or more managed company users, or customers for you company, depending on the bot deployment type defined as either for Enterprise use, or Consumer use.

When a developer publishes a bot to the Enterprise page at the Kore.ai Bot Store, it is displayed on the Deployment Requests page in the Bots Admin Console as shown below.

If Bots are auto-approved by the Bots Admin in the Bots Management module Preferences page, when Bots are published by the developer, the Bots are immediately approved and deployed and are not displayed on the Deployment Requests page. For more information, see Bot Management Preferences.


Deployment Page Controls

On the Deployment Requests page, the following information is displayed:

  • Bot Icon – The icon displayed to the end-user in the client to identify the bot in the Bot Store.
  • Bot Name – The name of the bot.
  • Tasks – number of tasks within the Bot
  • Version – The type of bot for deployment. One of:
    • New – A new bot that has never been deployed.
    • Upgrade – A previously deployed bot that was upgraded and ready to be deployed.
  • Purpose – The intended audience for the bot. One of:
    • Consumer Use – For enterprise customers and consumers.
    • Enterprise Use – For specified managed users of your enterprise.
  • Requested by – The name of the developer submitting the bot for approval.
  • Requested on – The date the developer submitted the bot for approval.
  • Reject/Publish icons

Publishing a Bot

After your developers create the custom Bots in the Kore.ai Bot Builder tool that you need for your company, your developers will publish the custom Bot to your company. To make the new custom Bot available to your company employees or customers for your company, you must approve the Bot, and then for enterprise users, you must assign users to enable that Bot to those assigned users.

To approve a bot

  1. On the Deployment Requests page in the Bots Management module, hover over the Bot you want to approve and click the ok icon.
  2. Optionally, click Bot review tasks pending for approval for this bot, if any.
  3. On selecting the Bot the Bot Publish page is displayed with the following additional information
    • Dialog Task details – names, language supported and version
    • Natural Language configuration
    • Channels enabled for publishing
    • API Extensions configured if any
    • Settings
    • Publish Comments entered by the developer
  4. Review and click the Publish button.
  5. The Enterprise Bots or the Consumer Bots page is displayed, depending on the Deployment model type specified for the approved  Bot.

After a task is approved and deployed, the Bot is available to customers for Bots with deployment model set to Consumer use. However, the task is still not available to enterprise users until the Bots Admin assigns the task to users or groups on the Enterprise Bots page in the Bot Management module in the Bots Admin Console. For more information, see Managing Deployed Enterprise Bots or Managing Deployed Consumer Bots.

To reject a bot

You may decide not to approve a Bot for use by employees or customers of the company. To return the Bot to the developer for an update, you can reject the Bot. When you reject a bot, it is removed from the Deployments Request page, and in the Bot Builder tool, the status of the task is changed from Published to Configured. The developer can then make changes and re-publish the Bot for your approval.

  1. On the Deployment Requests page in the Bots Management module, hover over the Bot you want to reject to view the reject and publish icons.
  2. Optionally, click Bot Details to view the Bot details and click the Reject button.
  3. The Reject bot dialog is displayed.
  4. Select or clear the tasks that you want to reject, and then in the Provide a reason text field, enter the reason that you are rejecting the tasks.
  5. Click Reject.

The Bot rejected successfully message is displayed at the top of the page, and the Bot is removed from the Deployment Requests page.

Next Steps

After you approve an enterprise Bot, you need to assign users to that approved bot to make it available for use. For more information, see Managing Deployed Enterprise Bots. Bots approved for Consumer use deployment models are available to customers immediately after approval. To modify the Bot settings and tasks for customer bots, see Managing Deployed Consumer Bots.

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