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Bots Platform v6.0

This is the release information for the Bots Platform 6.0 released on Nov 4, 2017.

  • Bot Ontology and Knowledge graph
    Enhancement to the Knowledge task capability with support to define Bot ontology and associate FAQs. The intent detection engine now works on a dual approach of Knowledge Graph and semantic scoring to identify the FAQ based on the user utterance.
  • Multi-language Support
    The platform supports bots that can now understand and perform tasks in multiple languages. A single bot can be now enabled for English, German, French and Spanish. Developers can selectively enable language and publish tasks per language.
  • Channels
    • Newly added
      • Line Messenger
      • Generic IVR (Via Webhooks – for enterprises to integrate to their existing IVR channel)
      • Amazon Alexa
      • Twilio Voice is added as channel with support for call transfer
    • Enhancement
      • Facebook Workplace – Enterprises using Workplace can now start using the bots built by Kore.ai from the Workplace marketplace
  • Bot Import and Export
    Bot configurations can be exported and imported. The import can be within the same bot/environment or across environments. Environment-specific variables can be defined and maintained as a separate file.
  • Bulk Testing
    Bot’s machine learning model can be bulk tested either by using built-in test suites or by defining custom test suites
  • Other Enhancements
    • Enhancement to Hold & Resume feature to have multiple tasks on hold. Contextual messages are shown to the users to inform or confirm task resumption.
    • Debugging capability added for Alert task, Information task and bot standard responses.
    • Bot Administration dashboard enhanced to show Agent transfer metrics and User session information. Additionally, dashboard information can be filtered per task.
    • Bot Administrators can control and change the bot ownership under the Enterprise account.
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