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Setting Up RSS Alerts

With Kore.ai, you can easily set up an alert to your Kore.ai account to capture RSS feeds using our built-in alerts, or create a custom RSS alert. This topic describes the general steps that apply to all Kore.ai RSS alerts to set up an RSS alert in the Kore.ai app.

Kore.ai provides many RSS ready-to-use alerts by simply adding the alert, for example, CNN, ESPNFox News, Techcrunch, and Yahoo Finance. Some Kore.ai RSS alerts are predefined to provide alert messages for a specific subject in a feed, while other Kore.ai RSS alerts allow you to select which feed subject from a drop-down list that you prefer. Some Kore.ai RSS alerts require that you to enter the URL of the RSS feed that you want from a source in the Settings section of the alert Setup page for the BaseCamp RSS alert as shown in the following illustration.

Setup URL for an RSS Alert Task

RSS Alert Setup

To add a Kore.ai RSS alert, in the Kore.ai app, simply open the Alerts page, click the Add icon, Then you can select or search for the RSS feed that you want to add, for example, CNN, to display the Setup page for that alert as shown in the following illustration.

Setting up an RSS Alert Task

For CNN, Kore.ai provides two CNN RSS alerts; Top Stories and Latest News. So why are there two alerts? The CNN Top Stories RSS feed is a specific news feed from CNN and you can simply add the alert and then click Finish to begin receiving alert messages when new CNN stories are added to the feed.

But what if you are more interested in the CNN Business, Health, or World news feed? If you select the CNN Latest News alert, you can customize the alert setup to receive alert messages for the CNN RSS feed that you want. In the Category field, you can select which CNN RSS feed, as shown in the following illustration for the World news feed.

Selecting Settings for an RSS Alert Task Setup Dialog

After you select the RSS feed for your alert, you can customize your how often alert messages are sent to your Kore.ai account, and turn on or off notification messages about those alerts in the Notification section of the alert Setup page as shown in the following illustration.

Notification Settings for an RSS Alert Task

You can enable or disable Mute alerts notifications if you do not want desktop or mobile phone notifications to display on the desktop or your mobile phone each time an alert for the RSS is received. By default, notifications are enabled.

Your RSS feed is checked by Kore.ai at a 15 minute default interval, and if the feed contains a new item, a Kore.ai alert message is sent to your account. You may want to increase or decrease the interval for your own needs. For example, only receive alerts on weekdays at 1pm. All updates in the RSS feed since that last alert message are displayed. The minimum interval between alert messages is 5 minutes, and up to once per day at a specified time daily, per weekday, or per weekend day.

After you choose the RSS alert settings, click Finish. Your first RSS alert messages are displayed after the update interval elapses. A alert messages is only displayed if new information was added to the RSS feed during the update interval that you selected.

Setting Up Your Own RSS Feed Alert

If none of the predefined Bots have RSS alerts meet your needs, you can easily create a custom RSS alert using the Kore.ai RSS Feed alert.

The only difference for the Kore.ai RSS Feed alert from other predefined Kore.ai alerts is that you need to define a Name for the alert, along with the URL path to the feed.

Next Steps

You can set up more than one alert for the same feed, for example, for the CNN Latest News RSS alert, you can add one alert for World news, then add another alert for Business news, and so forth.

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