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Switching Language Selection

Multilingual bots auto-detect and switch language based on user’s utterance. Depending on the language selection configuration, the bot continues to communicate with the user in the same language just for that single session or all the following sessions. In any case, if the user switches to another enabled language anytime later, the bot changes to the new language automatically.

If the bot fails to detect a user’s language with high confidence, it requests the user to select a preferred language from the list of enabled options.

To test bot responses in multiple languages, developers can enforce a language change as explained in the Switching the Bot Language as a Developer section below.

Configuring the Language Selection Logic for Bot Users

  1. On the Bot menu, click Settings > Language Management.
  2. Under Language Selection Time Frame, select one of the following:
    1. Lifetime: The auto-detected language will be set as the user’s preferred language and used for all subsequent communications until the user interacts in another enabled language anytime later. If the user starts to talk in another enabled language, the bot changes to that language.
    2. Per Session: Detects the user’s language at the beginning of every session and responds accordingly.

Switching Bot Language as a Developer

To test the bot responses in different languages, developers can switch between them.

To switch the bot language

When the bot supports multiple languages, the top right corner of the bot window shows the default bot language followed by a drop-down to view the other supported languages. Select a language from the drop-down to test the bot responses in that language.

To switch a language during a chat session

To switch language during a chat session, use the following command:

cheat language <language name or code>

Replace the language name or code with one of these values:

  • English: English or EN
  • German: German or DE
  • French: French or FR
  • Spanish: Spanish or ES
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