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Version History for Alert Tasks

You may need to troubleshoot alert tasks that have been upgraded. In the Kore.ai Bot Builder tool, you can view version changes of each alert task to determine if, and how many times an alert task was upgraded.

In the Alert Tasks section, click the Settings  icon for the task to view versions for, and then click Version History.

The Version History page contains the following columns:

  • Version Number – The version number of the upgrade as a minor upgrade, using X.X syntax, for example, 1.3 where 1 is the major version upgrade number, and 3 is the minor version upgrade number.
  • Changed By – The username of the developer of the bot that made the upgrade changes.
  • Changed Date – The date that the bot was approved and published by the Enterprise Admin.
  • Comments – The Upgrade Comments provided by the developer that made the changes to the bot for an upgrade.

The following illustration is an example of the Version History page for a bot with three minor upgrades, and one major upgrade to version 2.

Next Steps

You may also want to review auditing logs for this bot. For more information, see View Logs for Alert Tasks.

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