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Subscribing to a Smart Bot

After an enterprise and the Kore.ai Sales Team determined requirements, and then Kore.ai develops the custom Smart Bot, the Smart Bot is enabled for your enterprise and available in Bot Builder to set up. Once you subscribe to the Smart Bot and complete the setup, all of the preconfigured tasks are available and ready for publishing, just as you would publish any other Bot using Bot Builder. This topic describes how to complete the setup for a Smart Bot.

Setup Process for a Smart Bot

To setup a Smart Bot to deploy and enable for end-users, you just need to complete the following four steps.

  1. Enter the Bot basic settings.
  2. Configure channels for the Smart Bot.
  3. Publish the Smart Bot to the enterprise.
  4. The Bot Admin approves and deploys the Smart Bot to end-users.

Setting Up a Smart Bot

When Kore.ai adds a Smart Bot to your enterprise, your developers can see the Smart Bot in Bot Builder listed as any other Bot. In the following illustration, the Smart C Bot is added and needs to have the enterprise subscription completed. To begin the setup, select the Smart Bot to subscribe to, and then click Setup Bot as shown in the following illustration.

Smart Bot Setup

Optionally, you can select the Smart Bot, and then at the bottom of the page, the Setup < Bot Name > section is displayed as a link as shown here.

Setup Smart Bot Link

When you click Setup, the Instructions tab on the Install Smart Bot page is displayed with any custom installation instructions for your Smart Bot as shown in the following illustration.

Smart Bot - Installation Tab

Click Next. The About Bot tab is displayed where you define the Smart Bot name, optionally add a custom icon, and select a Smart Bot color as shown next.

Smart Bot - About Bot Tab
The following table describes the fields on the About Bot tab on the Install Smart Bot page shown in the previous illustration.

Name The name of the Smart Bot displayed in the Bot Store, for example, My Smart Bot, as the name of a Bot shown in title bar in the Bot Store. This field is required.
Icon The icon image for the Smart Bot displayed in Bot Builder, Bots Store, and the end-user interface. The image format must be .png and best results are obtained using a 200 x 200 pixel image. This field is required.
Color Click the drop-down arrow to open the color picker to choose the color for the background of your Bot images and in the Bot Store. In the right column, slide the selector bar vertically to the color hue desired, and then in the left color display box, click to select a specific shade, and then click Choose to save the selected color as shown in the following illustration:

Color Picker for Bot Builder

Click Next. The Setup Authorization tab is displayed. Enter the values provided by Kore.ai when you register your application for the following fields, and then click Finish.

  • Client ID – The ID of the Kore.ai client.
  • Client Secret – The value provided as the Kore.ai application authentication based on the Client ID to the web application.

The Smart Bot settings are saved and the subscription settings are complete. All alert tasks and action tasks are locked for customizations in the Configured state and ready to be published. For more information, see Publishing Tasks.

Next Steps

Kore.ai will automatically update and upgrade your Smart Bot tasks when needed. You only need to publish the updates. However, you may want to customize the tasks from Kore.ai. To customize a task, you will need to unlock the task and take ownership for any customizations to the task. For more information, see Customizing a Smart Bot.

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