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Installing Smart Bots

Smart Bots from Kore.ai are out-of-the-box intelligent speech-enabled chat bots using artificial intelligence and natural language processing to interact with your customers and employees. Smarts Bots from Kore.ai can be deployed on many channels such as Kore.ai Messenger, Cisco Spark, email, SMS, Slack and more! An enterprise can subscribe to a Smart Bot on the vertical they need, such as Banking, IT Help Desk, Sales, or Service. Kore.ai will customize your Smart Bot and you can be ready to deploy in 60 days or less.

Why Use a Smart Bot?

Smart Bots are tailored for your enterprise needs and can be maintained by Kore.ai or your own developers. A Kore.ai Smart Bot is already configured for the alert and action tasks you need for your enterprise. The natural language processing is already customized with the terms and user inputs tailored for your enterprise and continually optimized by Kore.ai. All you have to do is to publish and deploy the Smart Bot and decide who can or should use the Smart Bot. It’s that simple.

Customizing a Smart Bot

While an out-of-the-box Smart Bot solution can get you started…over time, you will need to customize and upgrade your Smart Bot as enterprise and customer needs evolve. While Kore.ai can maintain your Smart Bot, your enterprise developers can also modify and upgrade some or all of the Smart Bot when needed.

Upgrading a Smart Bot

Kore.ai may publish upgrades for your Smart Bot when needed, however, when your developers customize your Kore.ai Bot, they are effectively taking control of the upgrade process by unlocking tasks, and then customizing, and when ready, publishing the Smart Bot upgrade. Once a task for a Smart Bot is upgraded by your developers, that task is no longer part of the Kore.ai Smart Bot upgrade process. All other locked tasks can be upgraded as usual by Kore.ai when needed.

Available Smart Bots

Kore.ai offers the following Smart Bots;

  • Smart Bot for Banking – The Kore.ai Smart Bot™ for Banking helps you meet the dual challenges of ever-increasing customer expectations and nonintegrated legacy IT and financial systems head on. The out-of-the-box conversational UI lets you deliver the convenient, personalized, and engaging cross-channel experiences customers expect. For more information, see Smart Bot for Banking.
  • Smart Bot for Commerce – The Kore.ai Smart Bot™ for Commerce helps you meet growing customer demand for a personal and consistent shopping experience. Turn more visitors into customers by reducing the time and effort needed to locate your products, find information, and make purchasing decisions. For more information, see Smart Bot for Commerce.
  • Smart Bot for IT Help Desk – The Kore.ai Smart Bot™ for IT Help Desk lets you turn everyday, costly help desk challenges into fast, easy-to-navigate, gratifying results. Equip employees with self-service that actually works and gets them back up and running quickly. For more information, see Smart Bot for IT Help Desk.
  • Smart Bot for Sales – The Kore.ai Smart Bot™ for Sales lets you remove everyday admin tasks from your key, front-line, revenue-generating staff. By eliminating routine, mundane system updates – like lead, account, and opportunity updates – front-line staff can again focus on the work that matters – customers and growing the business. For more information, see Smart Bot for Sales.
  • Smart Bot for Service – The Kore.ai Smart Bot™ for Service gives agents more time to receive, process, and respond to service requests. Get managers the info they need to monitor and understand ticket volume, agent performance, and resolution times. For more information, see Smart Bot for Service.
  • Smart Bot for SAP – The Kore.ai Smart Bot™ for SAP enables professionals to interact with the systems they rely on through the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. For more information, see Smart Bot for SAP.

Getting Started with Smart Bots

Your enterprise will need to contact the Kore.ai Sales Support team and determine requirements, develop and test the customized Smart Bot, and optimize the natural language processing for your organization. Kore.ai will deploy the Smart Bot to your domain where the enterprise development team can set up and publish the Smart Bot to make it available to enterprise users.

Next Steps

To publish a Kore.ai Smart Bot to your enterprise, you will first have to setup the configuration using Bot Builder. For more information, see Setup a Smart Bot.


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