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Step 5: Publish the Universal Bot

After you have defined and saved a new configuration for a Universal Bot, it becomes visible on the Bot Builder home page with its status as Linked. It is not available to users other than the developers on the bot until it is published and approved by the Bots Admin.

Universal Bot Statuses

The following are different statuses related to the universal bots:

Universal Bot Status Description
Linked Bot configuration is complete and the standard bots are linked.
Awaiting Approval The Bot is published for enterprise use but hasn’t yet been approved by the Bots Admin.
Published The Universal Bot is published for personal, enterprise, or public use.
Rejected The Bots Admin did not deploy the bot to the enterprise. An email is sent to the developer with comments from the Bots Admin.
Suspended The Bots Admin suspended the use of a deployed bot. An email is sent to the developer with comments from the Bots Admin.


Publish the Bot

Follow these steps to publish a universal bot:

  1. Open the universal bot that you want to publish.
  2. Hover over the left navigation panel and click Publish.
  3. On the Publish page, select the linked bots you want to publish.
    Note: Default dialog is automatically selected and as it is mandatory to publish it you cannot de-select it.
  4. Select from the list of enabled languages to publish the bot.
  5. Click Publish.
Note: After you publish a universal bot, all the published tasks in the selected linked bots become accessible to the users and any changes made to the linked bots automatically reflect in the universal bot.
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