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Step 3: Configure Channels for the Universal Bot

Before you Begin

This article assumes that you understand the fundamentals of configuring channels in Kore.ai and therefore focuses on the configuration aspects specific to the universal bots. To refer to the fundamentals of configuring channels in the Bot Builder, read Adding Channels to your Bot.


The universal bot requires separate channel configurations from its underlying bots, so the channels must be set up or enabled independently. You can set up channels for the universal bot regardless of the linked bot channels and the published tasks in the linked bots execute from the universal bot channels.

Important Notes:

  • The Universal Bot is available only on the channels enabled for it, regardless of the enabled channels for the linked bots.
  • If a channel is configured for both linked and universal bots, the message delivered to the user follows the channel-specific messages and formatting configured at the linked bot.
  • If a channel enabled for the universal bot is not enabled for the linked bot, the universal bot responds with the default messages defined for the linked bot’s functionality.
  • If you do not set up any channel-specific formatting at either the universal or the linked bot’s settings, the default message with standard formatting gets applied.
  • Alerts configured from universal bot need to be delivered via the universal bot.

Configuring the Channels

Follow these steps to enable channels for the Universal Bot:

  1. Open the universal bot for which you want to configure new channels.
  2. Hover over the left navigation panel and click Channels.
  3. From the list of supported channels on the Channels page, click a channel to configure it.
  4. Configure and save the channel settings.
Note: The configuration settings for each channel vary according to the channel. When you click a channel to configure it for the universal bot, the configuration instructions are usually present alongside the actual configurations window. Refer to the Adding channels to your bot article for an overview of how to configure channels and specific help links for each of the channels.
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